Mar 8, 2006

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Feb 23, 2006

North Island of New Zealand

I started my trip at Auckland airport. My trip was in last April last year 2005. I don't know whether I will be there again or mmm. Yes I will. I miss NZ a lot.

Saturday 16 Apr 05
Arrived at Auckland airport at noon. Upon clearing customs, we just proceed to the public arrivals area, and used a public phone to call About NZ Rental car using free number 0800-45-55-65. A representative arrived in approx. 3 minutes and picked us from outside Door 8 at the International Terminal to the rental car depot where I will complete the rental agreement. Wow it's simple.

After taking the key, where should we go then. "Ibu, cepat!!!Baca peta" Wow! I'm driving in NZ. "Quick !!! Find Aspen House Hotel, 62 Emily Place, Downtown, Auckland, New Zealand. We got to hurry hehehehe". Finally we arrived there at 3 or 4 pm. Nice place to be.

Saturday nite at Aspen House Hotel

Adjacent to one of Auckland's oldest inner city parks, Aspen House is a secluded yet conveniently located bed and breakfast boutique hotel. If you are looking for a place near to Auckland City Center, Aspen is the one. It’s a convenient place to stay for three of us. My daughter, Nabihah was very happy staying here and she enjoy walking in the dining room and say “Hi” to anyone she met. Hehhehe

At nite, we’re walking down the street to find something to eat for dinner. Wow it’s Saturday nite at Auckland. Nice weather. Mmm Auckland is not busy as Kuala Lumpur. Now, my wife start collecting souvenirs !!! Back to the hotel with Kebab to eat.
- UEFA Champions League Round of 16 -

Bayern Munich 1 - 1 AC Milan
PSV Eindhoven 0 - 1 Lyon
Benfica 1 - 0 Liverpool
Real Madrid 0 - 1 Arsenal

Ajax Amsterdam 2 - 2 Inter Milan
Rangers 2 - 2 Villarreal
Chelsea 1 - 2 Barcelona
Werder Bremen 3 - 2 Juventus

Feb 13, 2006

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17 - 26 February 2006

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Feb 8, 2006

Believe it or not? I have been travelling to both islands in New Zealand just for 9days. Wow! It's a wonderful journey in my life. I will be there again SOOOOOOOOOOn !!!

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